Most frequent questions and answers about Beikang silicone products

We are a 100% manufacturer factory with our plant and equipment. Welcome to visit us at any time.

We have OEM and ODM service; our company has a professional team with professional design and manufacturing experience; customers can design independently.

You can contact us by email for your order details or order offline.

Our production time for bulk orders is about 10-30 days, and samples will be sent to you within 2-3 days after the mold is completed.

If it is OEM or ODM, the MOQ should be 2000-5000Pcs according to the specific items.

We can confirm the product samples according to the customer’s requirements.

We usually accept payment methods such as T/T, L/C, and Western Union O/A.

We control the quality through the QC team, production line testing, and 100% pre-packaging inspection.

Let’s make your vision a reality!

Want to develop new products or need the OEM service?  Leave your details and I’ll get back to you.