How Long is the Shelf Life of Silicone Products?

We use many products in our lives, and silicone products are one product with excellent performance. There are many kinds of silicone products, which are safe and non-toxic, and they are used in many industries. Silicone products as a product also have a shelf life, so how long is the shelf life of silicone products?

When we buy something, the first question we ask is how long the warranty period is; because customers can only conclude from the warranty period to determine how long the shelf life of the product, quality issues will be involved in the shelf life of things.

We commonly may be the shelf life of food; a shelf life for many friends is very important; anything has a shelf life, including household goods and silicone products.

The shelf life of silicone products is mainly calculated according to two kinds; one is according to the number of uses, and one is according to the time of wear and tear.

Not long ago, someone asked if a silicone brush he had left unused for a year could still be used. There are many ways to say this. Some say it is not bad to use, and some say the silicone material can not be used after a long time; in fact, the shelf life of silicone products is mainly by the manufacturer’s production regulations. Many products have different performances, so the use of time is different.

Some of our common life silicone products are made of imported food-grade silica gel, so the material is quite okay; the shelf life mainly depends on the performance of silica gel, the production of our added materials, and the use of aspects.

Ordinary silicone products are used in some industries, with more than two years is no problem.

We live with silicone products with better materials, generally speaking, can use for three to five years is no problem. However, in daily necessities, it is recommended not to use it because the silica gel in the humid air will slowly reduce the degradation performance if placed too long above the daily necessities.

The shelf life of silica gel mainly depends on the raw materials and uses of the product; the shelf life of various silicone products is different, so when buying out other performance, also pay attention to the shelf life of any special requirements in terms of future use.

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