How To Charge For Customized Silicone Products?

With the development of the times, silicone products are in a very wide range of popularity of products made of safe and non-toxic environmentally friendly silicone, the market has also appeared many silicone manufacturers, but the price of customized silicone products is always fluctuating.

Want to customize a silicone product, are required to make a set of moulds, general product structure, and the colour is not quite sure when you need to open the first sample mould sampling to confirm the structure; silicone products processing manufacturers will be given to the customer to confirm the sample, the product structure to confirm that there is no problem and then open the bulk of the mould for mass production.

The production cost is a certain difference according to the product material to determine the different materials of silicone products. For example, high-purity organic silicone, its production cost is relatively high. And low-purity silicone, its production cost is much lower.

According to the use of the product to determine the different products, its use occasions are also different. For example, some products used in food, medicine and other special industries have very high requirements for raw materials.

Therefore, customers in such industries usually choose the customized way.

According to the shape of the product, different shapes in the processing process need to use different moulds, so for some special shapes, we are required to customize.

First of all, to open a set of silicone product moulds need to provide 3D drawings or send physical products to the silicone products processing plant to do as a model, or else just based on a floor plan, unable to do the mould.

Can not provide 3D drawings, the silicone mould processing plant will also charge 3D printing costs; the normal cost will be charged according to the degree of difficulty of the product.

And open mould before the engineering business also need to communicate with the customer to understand the use of the product and the performance of the premise to assess the cost of the mould.

Such as a silicone protective cover mould or the surface of the silicone product requirements are strict, or the product structure is more complex, the mould fee will usually be higher; complex products will also increase the mould production process and materials, so the mould offer will also be higher.

As you can see from the above, silicone product moulding costs and factors are related.

Therefore, to save costs, when we customize silicone products, we should determine the requirements of all aspects of the product in advance and then provide it to experienced manufacturers to accurately open the mould for the product.

Generally speaking, manufacturers for customization of large quantities and long-term cooperation with customers have a return of the mould fee, as well as long-term cooperation with the manufacturer, but also get the benefits of free mould opening, so when we first choose to cooperate with the manufacturer, we must choose the manufacturer, so that it is more convenient to cooperate with the long term, but also can save some money.

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