How to choose a silicone pacifier?

Silicone pacifier manufacturers, silicone products are very many kinds of silicone products, which are suitable for mothers and children with tiny babies to use silicone mother and baby products. Because silicone is very safe and non-toxic, it is ideal for making mother and baby products; silicone pacifier is a standard silicone for mother and baby products. Buy a silicone pacifier and not with sleep to buy a line, need to carefully select, so how to buy a silicone pacifier it?

1. The texture should be soft enough

The baby’s dental bed is fragile; the material is good or bad, directly affecting the baby’s sucking and feeding hunger process so that the child’s teeth are the least harmful.

2. The size of the milking hole

The hole is not large enough, whether the sucking is smooth. To buy and sell can first look at the size of the hole and go back to the first try to sucking is not labor-saving.

3. Look at the brand reputation

Generally, choosing a good reputation for the pacifier is more secure, do not choose yellowish or other color products, usually silicone milky white, colorless, and odorless substances.

4. Pacifier and butterfly seat wing adhesion stability

Pay attention to whether the pacifier and butterfly seat wing bonding is stable and whether the entire pacifier is larger than the child’s mouth to avoid the whole pacifier being inhaled and dangerous.

5. Curvature of the pacifier’s seat wings

The butterfly seat wing of the pacifier is better curved and has ventilation holes to allow air circulation and saliva outflow so as not to cause bovine stomatitis or eczema.

6. The life of silicone teats

The life span of a silicone teat is about three months, and it will need to be replaced if there is a change in shape or breakage. The choice of the pacifier is essential, but in the process of use must also pay attention to disinfection and good cleaning to avoid disease from the mouth.

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