We have a wealth of experience, competence and R&D engineers. We process 3D files according to the customer's ideas. We will advise you on the right fit for your product to ensure a functional and practical product.



Custom Silicone Products

Customize your silicone products through 2D / 3D drawings or samples


We discuss your silicone product ideas, features with you in the early stages of custom product design.

3D Drawing Creation

After our close communication, our engineers will make 3D files after both parties agree on the final design.


After the final 3D drawing is made, we will confirm with you the last step, if you have any modification, you can contact us.


Sample Development Process ODM / OEM

Sample development and design

We analyze how to process and customize the sample through 3D drawing file design, how to develop the mold recipe, and provide customers with appropriate and proper techniques in quality, innovation, and performance.

What problems can we help you solve?

1. Customized satisfactory silicone products, trade procurement costs are too high; buy products and afraid of not using.
2. the Better product quality, we can make samples first to ensure that the products are suitable.
3. We can quote with drawings and samples, transparent price, fast and worry-free.

Product optimization service

Through analysis, summarize the functional performance of the product, combined with more than ten years of industry experience, to provide customers with a product optimization quality program.

What problems can we help you solve?

1. product quality problems include poor elasticity, toughness, transparency, strength, flame retardancy, temperature and weather resistance, yellowing phenomenon, poor adhesion, cracking and aging, etc.
2. practical performance problems, such as poor efficacy, low-cost performance, unreasonable design, imperfect applicability, not being durable, and other issues.

We have customized program solutions

By purchasing problem-point solutions, we provide customers with good, high-quality, and practical product services.

What problems can we help you solve?

1. whether the custom mold design is reasonable, product performance solutions.
2. How to find the root cause of product problems, poor sample performance, and other problem analysis solutions.
3. The solution of quotation bidding and the solution of mold modification.

High volume discount service

Through the product’s reasonable price, long-term relationship to customers preferential services, mold fee refund, and other preferential services.

What problems can we help you solve?

1. The price modulation discount for customers with many products through mold opening.
2. Refund the mold fee to the customers with a large volume of customers for long-term cooperation and stabilize the long-term cooperation relationship.
3. Free sample opening for old customers, thanks to the long-term cooperation and support.

Production process

Through the detailed introduction of environmental protection and green production, how to process and customize products, transparent production, and processing for customers, so that customers can confidently place orders.

What problems can we help you solve?

1. Know how your products are processed and shipped to you.
2. What materials and techniques are used in your products.
3. Explain to you the performance of the product and raw material production.
4. The mixing and additives of raw materials and the process of molding and vulcanization.

Mold Proofing Quotation Process

We provide the mold, or you design the mold and we build it for you.

The company confirms the product information (sample or confirmation drawing) provided by the customer and converts it into the internal “sample-making requirement list” for sample making.

The company to the customer quotation content to the customer to implement free sampling or paid sampling in two ways. Free sample depends on the customer’s product type, requirements and product dosage, etc., with a certain amount of selection charged to the customer sampling fees when the customer orders up to a certain number of sampling costs back to the customer, the way around can be directly deducted from the payment, but also directly in the form of cash or transfer payment to customers.

3-7 working days for regular samples, 7-12 working days for products with special requirements, and other conditions subject to the time confirmed with the customer.

When our samples are finished, we will send the samples and confirmation letter to the customer. The examples and confirmation letters are in triplicate, one copy for the customer and one copy for our quality and production, according to the confirmed samples for relevant production operations.

All samples will be numbered and stored effectively. The examples will be reconfirmed and changed according to the characteristics of the products and when changes occur to keep them current and valid.


Technology Powered by User Experience

We will produce high-quality products according to customer requirements.

Through the mission of solving product problems for you, we will provide reasonable, high-quality and practical product services.


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