What are the requirements for the spraying process of silicone products?

Silicone products, to maintain a smooth feel, in the production of production, will be sprayed on the surface of silicone products a layer of feel oil, which can also play a role in not easily sticky ash, and feel oil has many different colors sprayed out of the silicone products more diverse. So what are the requirements of the silicone products spraying process?

The silicone products spraying process can spray different ink on different products, such as matte (feel oil), PU, color oil, etc.

1. Matte (hand oil)

It is mainly to spray a layer of matte ink on the product’s surface that does not affect the product’s color, which is used to enhance the feel of the product, and the delicate mixed feel oil can maintain the frosted effect of the product’s appearance.

2. PU

PU is also a kind of ink commonly used by manufacturers of silicone products, mainly used in some daily necessities, with strong adhesion, good wear resistance, and relatively high transparency to enhance the product’s feel effect.

3. Color oil

Color oil is in the appearance of the product spray can be seen in the color. You can spray any color on the product color oil, which is often used in the pattern of more products.

Spraying is a common process to maintain the appearance of silicone products. It is mainly to enhance the appearance of the product feel reduce product adhesion to prevent the phenomenon of sticky dust on the product’s surface. At present, in addition to silicone products, PU and other soft rubber materials can also be used to spray oil. Ink belongs to the anti-static oil is also known as the feel of the oil, spraying a layer of watery ink on the surface of silicone rubber products after high-temperature adhesion on the surface of the product, to achieve a smooth and comfortable effect. This process has long been mature and can be used on a variety of silicone products. Electronic products are naturally not a problem.

The backing process mainly through double-sided adhesive form bonded to the surface of the product and electronic plastic or hardware materials to achieve functional effects, and backing adhesive paper is divided into different types, depending on the product’s use of the environment and adhesive force requirements for adhesive paper options, the majority of the more common domestic adhesive paper for high imitation 3M adhesive paper and genuine 3M adhesive paper, the difference between the two is not too big, but the price difference is very obvious. The backing The quality of the adhesive determines its functionality and bonding strength.

For do not need to spray the surface oil exposed silicone products (light color does not matter, especially the color, such as black class), in the production of customers are recommended to make a bright surface or semi-bright, and do not make a matte surface, because, in the long-lasting production process, the mold surface will gradually become bright due to the adsorption of too many silicone particles, so that the surface of the silicone product color is not the same and matte surface in the production of bright spots, bright lines or print bad higher Also easy to absorb hand sweat and dust and especially easy to show dirty.

Of course, in general, you can achieve a certain effect by spraying surface sand on the mold, but after spraying surface sand can be produced about 150-200 mold will gradually appear bright. Still, the number of sandblasting is easy to damage the life of the mold and self-demolition (must be noted: especially the mold structure there is a sandblasting not where there will be a half fog and fog area separation block) or, through electroplating can also be improved, but Can not eliminate the occurrence of these problems. After the plating treatment of the mold in the production of this situation, should be able to use the mold wash water to clean both to return to the original.

What are the requirements for the spraying process of silicone products? In summary, the production of silicone products will be used for matte (feel oil), PU, color oil, and other oils.

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