What problems should be paid attention to in children’s silicone teether products

0-3 years old children’s products are the contemporary young families pay more attention to the product, with the era of living standards, compared to decades ago, many children’s daily necessities for the current novelty products more and more beautiful and practical, and silicone material as contact with the skin and the baby’s preferred material, its novelty products and safety performance to reassure consumers.

So these years, the development of the mother and baby market and market competition is getting bigger and bigger, ordering silicone children’s teethers has become the norm for many brands. Almost every brand is essential children’s teething sticks, so for new and old brands as well as emerging developers ordering teether products, you know what to pay attention to!

Baby products for material safety are the most important. Hence, the safety performance of silicone teethers is the most crucial point for consumers. The material requirements have some experience. Usually, silicone baby teethers will choose pure food-grade silicone material processing and will not be mixed with any other mixed materials, so you have to pay attention to the point is “whether your silicone material is authentic.

Next is the production process; looking for quality food-grade silicone manufacturers can solve many of your product complaints and evil; in the production process need to understand the silicone products manufacturer’s factory size, product workshop environment, and processing staff operating procedures, whether the product will appear black spot impurities bad situation and product quality is not the same, such as each batch of goods hardness deviation, color deviation, the product is soft and brittle, etc.

QC testing is essential after the production is completed. The dental glue belongs to the entrance standard materials, so in the post-processing process must be the product cloak and burr problem solved, whether the product since the removal of the line scratching hands or misalignment phenomenon.

Product design structure and mold problems, a silicone dental gel in the design of early stages of the product such as product design is not reasonable, resulting in difficulties in the product release, the baby’s use of the throat, and other security issues will make the product can not be listed, so to order silicone dental gel first determine whether the structure of the product is reasonable, whether the market is acceptable!

The post-process packaging of the product is also a problem that needs to be paid attention to; many products packaging in the quality control bureau can not meet the packaging standards, such as the safety of the packaging materials and packaging switch design rationality, and so on.

All of the above are production problems for silicone dental gel, so in selecting silicone products, factories need to ensure the product’s reliability from the source material to production and then to the back-end process.

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