Why will baby products use silicone instead of plastic?

For babies, silicone baby products’ safety is important. Compared with plastic, silicone products have the advantage of softness; the material is more secure so that children are safer, the raw materials silicone is made of polymer environmentally friendly silicone raw materials custom-made, do out of silicone baby products are non-toxic, tasteless, non-irritating skin, etc.

Silicone baby products you have chosen? We have all heard of silicone bottles; what material is used to make them? Is it all good to use? Silicone bottles are bottles made of liquid silicone. It is BPA-free and will not break. It has excellent transparency, tear strength, good resilience, yellowing resistance, heat aging, and weather resistance. When manufacturing bottles, the product is highly transparent. The chemical composition and physical structure of silicone determine that it has many properties that are difficult to replace with other similar materials: high adsorption properties, good thermal stability, and stable chemical properties.

Silicone has become one of the most used materials for children because it has too many excellent features to replace other children’s products; first of all, in terms of material can already reach the food grade, and children’s skin contact will not occur incompatibility, soft material will not harm the skin, can be used as a variety of functions such as fall prevention. From today’s trend, the current market of silicone baby products gradually into each family, in the future, each child’s growth, accompanied by items, will also be silicone material, so it is important to choose the quality of the product.

Food-grade silicone baby products silicone milk bottle supplement bottle

For performance, silicone material as silicone baby products is currently one of the dominant products in the daily necessities industry. It is also currently very popular in Europe and the United States. One of the products, in terms of material silicone bowl from environmental protection food-grade silicone rubber raw material, after a high temperature of 200 degrees processing hot pressing molding, after the second vulcanization 100% can reach food-grade testing and certification standards, under normal circumstances regular silicone products manufacturers processing silicone baby products Under normal circumstances, the regular silicone manufacturers processing of silicone baby products, you can rest assured that bold use.

When it comes to the performance of silicone tableware and plastic materials, what are the differences?

First of all, the plastic material melts when exposed to high temperatures; low temperatures are prone to rupture, climatic influences will be aging and discoloration and may cause some harm to infants and young children, while silicone products are resistant to high temperatures and odorless, with good soft rebound strength, anti-drop anti-damage.

Second, regarding color appearance, silicone can be made in different patterns and colors that are more attractive to children’s eyes; infants and toddlers can be at ease and happy to use, not to worry about early feeding problems.

Once again, liquid silicone’s safety and product performance is qualitatively better than solid silicone, so more and more baby products will choose liquid silicone material to produce.

The molding process of liquid silicone is very different from solid silicone, and not all silicone product factories can do it. Please get in touch with us if you have a baby product made of liquid silicone and are looking for a baby silicone product processing factory.

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